Hermes Belt

Hermes was founded in 1837 in France, is a loyal to the traditional handicrafts, the constant pursuit of innovation and international business of a total of 30 branches of the global management and distribution of products from four categories: saddlery and leather, Hermes perfume, watches and porcelain The So that all the products to fine to the United States, is the consistent aim of the brand. Most of the products are hand-crafted, no less than some people called Hermes products for the deep thinking, high taste, rich content, exquisite works of art. These Hermes boutique, through its spread in the world more than 20 countries and regions, more than 200 stores, into the fast-paced modern life, let the world back to the traditional elegance of the embrace.

When using a large area of black, the golden join will be as a golden section of the same as the proportion of the body to adjust better. When you wear a long coat, look at Khloe Kardashian to tie the belt to the waist to easily raise the waistline and make the legs more perfect.

Read the gold - Kardashan you should know that when you wear enough gorgeous clothes, the belt is just a finishing touch; but for a set of simple match, it will be like magic to make your dress becomes more coordinated, For example, when you try high waist pants, this will be a good choice.

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