Gucci Belt

Snake is always one of the most recognizable signs of Gucci. Snake-like buckle design is like winding around the belt. Shoelaces decorated with exquisite patterns, the use of heating process embossed in the leather, highlight the metal texture.Black leather, with burr
Black leather with gold pattern printing
Brass metal accessories
Snake buckle
4 cm wide
Italian creation


Snake is always one of the most recognizable signs of Gucci. GG buckle on the snake-like pattern to form a G's shape, the prototype by the 70's classic design inspiration.
Black leather, with burr
Brass metal accessories
Double G serpentine buckle
4 cm wide
Italian creation


GG Supreme man-made canvas with beige and blue combination, decorated with interlocked double G buckle.
Beige / blue GG Supreme high-level man-made canvas, made of environmentally friendly technology, with blue leather trim
Palladium metal accessories
Interlocked double G buckle
4 cm wide

Sylvie series ribbon belt belt, with GG buckle. Metal parts by the brand brilliant classic design of the 70's influence, to re-interpretation.
Blue, red and white Sylvie series of ribbon, with blue leather details
Bronze metal parts
Double G buckle
Can be tied to the waist or crotch
4 cm wide

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